There are many Day Trip destinations you can visit near Xcalak. Chacchoben and Kohunlich are nearby Maya Ruin sites. You can take boat trips from Xcalak to Chinchorro or San Pedro, Belize. Or visit the nearby towns of Mahahual, Bacalar, Chetumal, and the Belize Duty Free Zone...

Chacchoben Ruins

Chacchoben a newly popular Ruin Site

Visitors walk a circular path around three excavated and restored pyramids. Excavation is continuing on several mounds which are known to contain further buildings. Some structures still bear traces of the red paint with which they were originally coated, shaded areas are set up to prevent further degradation of this pigment by the sun. A large stone slab is at the base of the largest pyramid called a stela with a Mayan hieroglyphic inscriptions. Chacchoben is one of the more popular ruin sites in southern Quintana Roo, with regular tourist trips from the port of Costa Maya (Mahahual).....

Kohunlich Ruins

Large Ruin Site of the pre-Columbian Maya

The site covers about 21 acres, surrounded by dense sub-tropical rainforest, and it contains almost 200 mounds, that remain largely unexcavated. The city was elaborately planned and engineered, with raised platforms and pyramids, citadels, courtyards and plazas surrounded with palace platforms, all laid out to channel drainage into a system of cisterns and an enormous reservoir to collect rainwater.

The road approaches the site from the north and leads into an enormous central plaza ringed by pyramids and temple platforms. To the north there is a massive, raised acropolis, or citadel, with a palace complex around a courtyard to the north-west. Further east there is the Pyramid of the Masks, built in honor of the sungod, with 6 gigantic stucco masks flanking its central staircase. And south of the main plaza lies the marvelous, sunken Plaza Mervin, on the west side of the site, and a small ballcourt further to the east....

San Pedro, Belize

on Ambergris Caye the largest Island in Belize

San Pedro town is on the southern part of the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize. Its inhabitants are known as San Pedranos. The primary industry in the town is tourism, most notably many visitors are scuba divers.

San Pedro is rumored to be the inspiration for the song La Isla Bonita by Madonna. The song's title has become the island and town's favorite nickname, and still the best song to play at any San Pedro party...

Chinchorro Banks

Dive & Snorkel the Coral Atoll Banco Chinchorro

Chinchorro is 18 miles offshore from Xcalak and is still a must on most Divers to-do list. A great snorkeling spot too. May soon be more open to allow Sport-Fishing (catch and release) around this beautiful Coral Atoll and area.

Mahahual Village

Where the Cruise Ship Pier is Located

Unfortunately the small fishing village of Mahahual was changed into a cruise ship port (yeah, don't email me about it) but the outcome has produced some very nice Hotels and Restaurants. Similar to what Tulum was like 20 years ago.

Bacalar Village

Lagoon of 7 Colors and Cenote Azul

In bright sunlight Laguna Bacalar is hard to believe that a lagoon could have the vivid blues your eyes are seeing. And with the Cenote Azul,  Bacalar is a must stop if you are nearby. Still a small village, but changing rapidly, thankfully no junk tourist shops, bars, and timeshares yet. Go see Bacalar soon and enjoy.


Capital City, with the  Museum of Maya Culture

Chetumal is the capital city of the state of Quintana Roo (and you thought it was Cancun). The Maya Culture Museum in the center of town is small but has some of the most beautiful artifacts on display. So if you are in Chetumal don't miss it.

Belize Free Zone

Duty Free Shopping and 3 Casinos, on the border of Mexico and Belize

If you want to try your hand at a little Gambling, the Free Zone close to Chetumal has 3 Casinos. The Casinos are the main draw for Tourists but you can purchase Liquor, Cigarettes, Perfume, and more, at duty free prices.